Overcoming addiction.

I laid there. It was like there were two different people sitting on each shoulder. The one on my right was like “hold on to me and don’t like go. I will fight for you.”  The one on my left was like “look at you, you are miserable right now just listen to me and I was give you temporary relief. Don’t you want to feel better?” Well yea, I want to feel better but I want to hold on to what is right.

My soul was so torn. Immediate relief or holding on tight through the temptation. The addictions only made holding on to truth so much harder. My body craved a quick fix. It craved to surrender to my addictions. Unfortunately, this specific time, the battle was lost. I gave up on the fight.

So, I dragged my feet reluctantly to confession, scared of admitting my faults. After talking to the priest for a good while, he gave me a challenge to go forth with. He told me, “I want you to make a game plan. Like a list of things you can do in the time of temptation.” I sat with that for a while, I wasn’t too sure that anything could be this addiction. Even when days were going okay my body craved it. Nonetheless, after trying this “game plan” thing I slowly but surely watch the addiction slip away. So what do you do in the time of temptation:

Call someone you trust. This was probably the hardest for me at first. The pride factor definitely got in the way. I didn’t quite understand how I was suppose to pick up the phone and tell someone I was struggling. but here’s the thing, you don’t even need to tell them you are struggling. If you don’t feel comfortable with that yet just call them and see if they can talk for a while until the temptation passes.

Find an outlet. I know for me if a friend didn’t pick up the phone I had to physically remove myself from the room because it wasn’t a good place for me to be in times of temptation. Find your outlet. Listen to music. Leave the house or whatever the tempting place is. Go for a run. Drive around town. Figure out what works for you and stick to it.

Pray often. I am 100% positive that most of my times of biggest struggle were when I kinda let my prayer life slip down the drain. I didn’t have the strength to fight alone and I pretty much forgot that God is right there ready to fight along side of me. He wants to fight for you, you only need to be still. (Exodus 14:14)

This is my “game plan” and the best part is IT ACTUALLY WORKS. So, I just encourage you if you are struggling with addiction or just living in a pattern of sin; create a “game plan”. If you have a friend who is really struggling offer to be that person they can call. You never know how much a little offer could really change the situation. Lastly friends, always remember you are never alone in your struggles.

Now I challenge you: what’s going to be your game plan? 


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