Promote your blog this new year!

I saw another blogger do this and thought it was an amazing idea and a great way to build community!

Leave a link to you blog in the comments and a brief description of the content readers will find there. Reblog this post to spread the word and involve more people in this blogging community so more blogs can be shared. If your new and just stumbling upon my blog: welcome, I’m glad to have you here!



14 thoughts on “Promote your blog this new year!

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  1. Hey so I guess I’m first to the party here haha! I’m a student blogging about their university experiences as a non-drinker – I guess I’m trying to reassure other non-drinkers that you can, in fact, go to university and not drink alcohol and be fine! I also sort of just ramble about other parts of my university life that I hope people find interesting hahaha!
    I’ll be happy to look at anyone else’s blogs as well by the way 🙂 Thank you!

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  2. Hey all!
    Every student is entangled in this vicious circle of exams and results. But from the positive perspective, dealing with failures really brings out a person carved from you, which you yourself were not aware, existed.

    That’s a brief of what my post is about. Do check it out and all your views, comments and discussion are welcomed.
    Here’s the link.

    Let’s connect.

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    1. I will definitely have to check out your post. Being a student myself I can totally relate to getting stuck in a rut and being weighed down by grades, test results, and expectations.


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