I Just Want to be Loved

“I just want to be loved” I said, “like is that too much to ask for.”

I spent yesterday bitter. My friends are getting married or posting pictures of their babies. So why does no one love me? We all have wants and mine just so happens to be love.

Well today love slapped me in the face when I least expected it.

The snow here has been horrible and two days ago my car got stuck but it was too icy to pull it out so I have been walking everywhere while my car is stuck in a snowbank. I got off of work last night and my friend offered me to sleep at her house so I wouldn’t have to walk home at night in the freezing cold. I was hesitant. I didn’t want her to have to go out of her way. After all I didn’t have clothes, toothpaste, deodorant or anything else with me.

She insisted that I could borrow her clothes, that she had extra toothpaste, that I wouldn’t be making things complicated (even though I felt like a huge burden). So I accepted her offer. I woke up this morning to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee and breakfast being cooked. She offered me breakfast and coffee and then made sure I had clothes for the day and everything else I needed.

We both headed off to class and I ran into my housemate on the way. She immediately offered me her car for work tonight if I needed it. I declined once again not wanting to be a burden and shuffled along the snowy walk to class.

After class some guys offered to help me get my car out after they heard it was stuck for a few days. After a good bit of hard work my car was good as new and out of the snowbank. So I drove back to my friends house to gather up my belongings.

As I was sitting there collecting my things it slapped me in the face: this is love. Love is having a best friend who makes their home yours. Love is in the concern of my housemates and all of their efforts to help me get around. Love is the kindness of random strangers who helped me get my car out.

Love is the glory of God fully alive. God has given me countless blessings that were so evident today. God loves us each so uniquely. So friends, let us find love in the little things.





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