Bye, America (for now).

I remember writing a blog post back in early January called Out of the Comfort Zone (check it out of you want to). It was all about stepping out of my comfort zone (obviously. lol) and overcoming fear. It was also my first mention of my summer trip to Europe.

Well, that trip is now here (I leave in 48 hours) and its crazy how time flies. Being that it is my first time leaving North America I am nothing short of terrified. Like I haven’t slept through the night this entire week because my mind is spinning on all the possible things that can go wrong.

Traveling with severe anxiety looks something like this — “What if my luggage gets lost and they never find it? What if I get stuck in customs and get in trouble because I filled out my immigration form wrong? What if my passport gets stolen? What if I miss my connecting flight because the layover is so short? What if I can’t find the train station? What if I get lost?” And the list keeps going.

Here is the thing, I have always let this anxiety win. When I was in college I had the opportunity to do a semester abroad which I kindly declined because it scared the crap out of me (I chalked it up to not being able to afford it). Looking back it is one of my biggest regrets because everyone had such an amazing time abroad and the stories are priceless.

Well, this time I am defeating my anxiety. My bags (well, just my backpack that I am living out of) are packed. My itinerary is planned out. My plane and train tickets are printed and I am leaving the country. Now there is no guarantee that I won’t have one or two breakdowns in the airport or customs, but here is to taking deep breaths getting through the challenges and ultimately having the time of my life.

I think the real beauty in experience is the empowerment that comes from overcoming a struggle; the excitement of conquering my fears, which gives me strength. I just keep telling myself “lets do this!”

This blog doesn’t have too much of a real conclusion point. I just wanted to give a little life update and apologize in advance for the possible lack of posts (who knows when I will have wifi).

But anyway,  I will be traveling to Germany, Poland, and then wrapping my time up with teaching English for three weeks in Ukraine (definitely keep myself, my students, and my team in your thoughts and prayers). So if you wanna keep up with all my travel adventures I am going to try to post here weekly.

Friends, conquer your fears. Get out there, enjoy life, experience new things!

See ya from Europe!

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