God in the Little Things

It is Wednesday morning. My alarm blares in my ear. Ugh, it is 7:45am can’t I just sleep a little longer *hits snooze button*. To say I was exhausted would be an understatement. Even breakfast wasn’t a motivator to get up, but nonetheless I drag myself to the shower after hitting snooze three times.

Breakfast was is for 9am and I was meeting the rest of the team for 8:45am so we could all walk over together. After that first drop of coffee hit my tired grouchy soul I was feeling a little better. The plan was to go into the city and go to the library to lesson plan for the next week (I know very exciting stuff).

The adventures began when we couldn’t get and uber to the city. Can’t we just walk to the bus and all take the bus? I know the bus isn’t the most glamorous thing but it will get us all there. So we get to the bus stop (or what we thought was the bus stop) and wait for the bus, even though I insisted that we were at the wrong stop. The bus passes us, confirming that we are definitely at the wrong stop and I was right. My frustration grew. How complicated can it be to get to the dang library so I can (attempt to) be productive.

So we finally got on the bus and 30 minutes later made it to the city. I spent the 30 minute ride sitting next to a sweet little Ukrainian women and being that I don’t speak the language silence was the only option. I looked out the window and took it all in. I was so far from home, everything was so foreign to me, everything here is so different. However, looking out of the window brought me some kind of peace; it calmed me down a bit. I felt kind of bad for having a bad attitude over an innocent mistake but still wasn’t pleased with how the morning was going.

We got off the bus and went to a chocolate factory and chocolate makes everything better, right? But the chocolate factory wasn’t the library and the weight of all the stuff I have to get done was pressing on my shoulders. For some reason I couldn’t shake my mood.

We finally make it to the library. Time to buckle down and lesson plan. I put my headphones in tuning the world out. I pulled up my first class and began formatting the lesson. My mind was everywhere but focused on my work though. I took a look up from my computer soaking it all in. I am sitting in a little library in Lviv, Ukraine miles and miles from America surrounded by beauty, blessed to be in this little corner of the world.

So many emotions flood my mind. I actually started praying that I don’t just start crying in the middle of the library. It was like all of a sudden God was “look at all this beauty surrounding you, forget about everything else. This is me you find in all the little things.” I knew he was with me, just as he always is. It is God that I saw in the craziness of missing the bus and then not even knowing if we got on the right bus. It is God that I saw in the goodness of my delicious chocolate coffee from the chocolate factory. It is God that I encountered in the silence of this little library. It is God I saw in the kindness and love from those around me.

Friends, he is everywhere. He is in the good, the bad, the difficult, the crazy. He is in the highest highs and the lowest lows. He is in the heart of each and every person around you.

Take a step back. Open your heart to him. I promise you won’t be disappointed.



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