To the Girl Wondering if Her Someone is Out There

“Your better half is out there.” the Instagram post stated.

I scanned the comments. Some people agreed, some people disagreed, some people argued just for the sake of arguing. If I am going to be honest for most of my life I have thought along the lines of this quotation, that my “better half is out there”, that I am one day going to meet this guy and he is going to complete me. I believed the lies of the world, that I am just an incomplete girl waiting for the love of my life to find me. I would one day put on a wedding dress, marry the perfect man, and then my life would be complete.

Going back to the Instagram post though what is this quotation saying? — “Your better half is out there”. If my better half is out there am I only half a person now? An incomplete human? When I get married is that going to make me more complete? But, what if I never get married? Does that make my whole life incomplete?

While my future husband might be out there, it would be completely foolish of me to say I am only to be complete once I find him. The lies of the world tell us we need a man to complete us. That we are inferior if we are single. That we will be happier once we are married.

Don’t get me wrong. Marriage is beautiful. Marriage can certainly bring joy and many other blessings to one’s life. It is truly a gift to live out such a beautiful sacrament and grow closer to heaven with another person. However, it is not marriage that completes us.

No matter what vocation we are called to in our life — whether it be religious life, single life, or married life — we are complete because we are whole, individual people in Christ alone. This and this alone completes us. The forever constant, unchanging reality is that when everything is said and done we belong to him and him alone.

Friends, don’t be discouraged if you are single. Don’t feel inferior or incomplete. You are complete, you are where you are suppose to be, you are good, and you are loved just as you are.


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