Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Usually the featured image on my post isn’t of me, but this whole post is about being out of my comfort zone so I figured that was a good start.

Easter 2018 I went to Texas to spend the holiday with one of my good friends and her family. We went to her cousins house, at food, drank drinks, spent the time in good company, and then there was a surprise (well at least a surprise for me) — a piñata.

Obviously I had hit a piñata before, probably at a childhood birthday party or something like that, but not in many many years. Also the last time I had hit a piñata I definitely wasn’t blindfolded and it didn’t really move.

It was my turn; I put the blindfold on and was immediately surprised at the feeling of discomfort when you can’t see everyone around you. I was hesitate to swing the bat — what if I hit someone, or didn’t hit the piñata, or swing to hard and hit myself (I am the least athletic person). So, I swung the bat like a child who had never played baseball before (or like a scared adult, you pick). Everyone encouraged me “come on, take a good swing”, but I couldn’t do it. Luckily, I don’t get discouraged very easily and laugh almost everything off, because the fact that I didn’t hit the piñata once would have been pretty discouraging.

In the moment it was really funny (and it still is really funny) but looking back, it has me thinking, so many times in life we feel blindfolded. All of a sudden we are blindsided by something — maybe we lost a job, maybe we didn’t get the job we wanted, maybe we have to up and move across the country — and kind of lose our sense of direction. Everything we had planned is kind of shaken and we are left in the dark. Then all of a sudden we are afraid to move.

It is like when I was afraid to swing the bat. We are afraid of hitting the wrong thing — choosing the wrong new job, meeting the wrong people, moving to the wrong place. We are suddenly afraid to take the chance and I think so often we do exactly what I did with the piñata, we take a half ass swing at things so we don’t fully mess up.

But here is the tough truth, we don’t achieve anything with a half ass swing at it. I didn’t even hit the piñata when hell, if I would have just risked taking a good swing I could have potentially broke it. We need to take chances even then we feel blindfolded. Go out of your comfort zone. Lost your job — keep your head up, know your worth, and know you will find a new one (maybe even a better one). Didn’t get the job you wanted — shoot for the stars, apply for another one that makes you just as happy, take chances. Moving across the country (I’m in this with you) — join a club, go to socials, make new friends, put yourself out there, once again take chances.

Regardless of the situation put yourself out there. Be confident. Allow this to be a situation where you can grow and become stronger. Don’t let the feeling of being blindfolded stop you.



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